• New Alzheimer Training For Home Health

    Today we are pleased to be releasing our new program ADRD4, Alzheimer's Disease And Related Disorders. This training is required by the state for educating healthcare professionals on Alzheimer's Disease.
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  • Alzheimer's Disease & Related Disorders in Spanish

    This program addresses common issues that caregivers in a home health setting will face in treating a patient with Alzheimer's. Join us as we discuss the stages of Alzheimer's and the modifications that can be made in the home to help these patients.
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  • HIPAA Rule Changes: Are You Ready

    This Past January the The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), has introduced new HIPAA Security and Breach Notification rules. Are you ready for the changes you must do to your organization?
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1.   Are you OSHA compliant?
2.   Are your employee records in order?
3.   Have you completed and reported all CE courses? If you were surveyed today; would your company pass?

Nevco Education currently offers over 110 titles used for Continuing Education. Our programs include a full length DVD as well as a facilitator’s
  guide. The facilitator’s guide is an important part of the course work. These guides include a pre-test, post test, glossary
  terms, discussion questions, answer key to the testing, as well as a course outline with objectives and principals for
  training your classes.

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Our programming is produced in Fort Myers Florida in our Distribution Offices. We leverage our Expertise and Knowledge from three key departments which consist of Production, Education, as well as Marketing. Our team of passionate professionals creates on average eight new productions a year to provide to our customers the newest content in the industry. Education is our passion.


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Health Care Specials


Title: Assisting The Patient With Self-Administration Of Medication
Running Time:  43 Minutes
Credit Hours: 4 Credit Hours
Original Price: $350.00

Today's Price: $300.00

This important program reviews the role of the nursing assistant in assisting residents with self-medication and addresses the most common routes of administration. This program is designed for Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes.

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Alzheimer's Disease Level 1 & 2 For Assisted Living Facilities

Behavioral Therapy For Dementia Patients

  When we think of Alzheimer's disease or other dementias, we think of the loss of memory or the inability to recognize familiar faces, places and things.  But for caregivers, the challenge is often coping with the other behaviors common in dementia.

The list of common behaviors:

Paranoia - A disorder in which the person is overly suspicious of others, is convinced that other people have intent to harm; theme is usually a financial matter or unfaithful spouse.

Sundowning - A condition in which older persons tend to become more restless and/or confused later in the day, especially late afternoon or at dusk.

.Wandering - Aimless movement, often it is an effort to get to some specific place such as a childhood home that no longer exists. 

Wayfinding: Searching for something that may or may not be found in the residence.
Learning how to communicate calmly and clearly, as well as to introduce activities and hobbies have been shown to be amoung the best treatment options used by caregivers.  In our program Alzheimer's Disease Level 1 & 2 we explain the following content:
1.   How the brain works and how AD affects the brain.
2.   How memory loss from AD and other related disorders differs from normal aging. 
3.   Other neurological diseases/conditions that can cause dementia.      
4.   Conditions or disorders that may result in symptoms that mimic AD. 
5.   How AD is diagnosed. x Causes, cures, and research overview. 
6.   Stages of AD. 
7.   Symptoms and behaviors associated with each stage. 
8.   Challenges for caregivers at each stage. 
9.    How AD affects communication skills. 
10.  Strategies and guidelines for verbal/nonverbal communication. 
11.  Validation therapy.
Alzheimer's disease is the sixth leading cause of death in this country.  The Alzheimer's Association estimates that by 2050, nearly 16 million Americans will have Alzheimer's disease.  With numbers as large as these our caregivers must be informed on how to communicate effectively with this growing population to ensure a meaningful and respectful plan of care.  At Nevco, we continue to improve the quality of life through our education and offer these new programs for all your learning needs.


The CEU Value

A Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is a measure used in continuing education programs, particularly those required in a ...

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